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Camere: 5

Locuri de cazare: 16

Tarife de la: 40 RON / persoana

Descriere Hostel Lary

LARY HOSTEL may not be centrally located, on the edge of the city, but you feel as if you are in the country in this peaceful, spacious and ultra-modern two-floor house.

The comfort of the spacious, brand new  rooms and the wonderful view of the surrounding hills crossed by the River Suceava, contribute to the warm and relaxing atmosphere offered by a stay here.

On the outside of the house there is courtyard, a dining area with a barbecue surrounded by flowers and green trees and a private vegetable garden and don't forget that may includes a full breakfast based on natural products straight from the village nearby orchard.

Come and experience Romania with your own eyes, choose Suceava for the 500 years old painted monasteries which are now UNESCO CULTURAL WORLD HERITAGE!

Tarife cazare hostel

We have 16 seats of which 3 double rooms and 2 rooms with 4 beds ( equipped with bathroom ). The price varies between 35 RON and 65 RON.

Atracţii turistice

The Bucovina monasteries remain some of the greatest cultural treasures of Romania and rightfully claim thei place among UNESCO world heritage sites.Join us for an unbelievable journey into the heart of rural Romania:
1. Fully guided tours to UNESCO World Heritage painted Monasteries like: Humor Monastery (1530), Voronet (1488), Moldovita (1532), Sucevita Monastery (1585) and Marginea Black Pottery Center.
2. NEAMT HERITAGE TOUR includes Neamt Fortress (1375), Neamt Monastery, Secu, Sihastria and Agapia Monastery (painted in 1852 by Nicolae Grigorescu, one of the most famous Romanian painters)
3 Short trip to Dragomirna Monastery (the tallest church in Bucovina)
4 We also do any other trips and shuttle services to match guests requests and be sure we’ll offer you the best deal for a trip in Bucovina or anywhere else.

     Campulung Moldovenesc - Woodcraft Museum Calea Transilvaniei 10

     Ciprian Porumbescu - Museum Ciprian Porumbescu

     Falticeni - Museum Ion Irimescu, Str. Mihai Eminescu 2

     Gura Humorului - Museum of the Traditions of Bucovina, Piata Republicii 12

     Suceava - Ethnographic Museum, Str. C. Porumbescu 5

          - Village Museum of Bucovina, Str. Cetatii

          - National Museum of Bucovina, Str. Stefan cel Mare 33

          - The Old Fortress of Suceava, Str. Cetatii

     Vatra Dornei - Museum of Folk Art, Str. Mihai Eminescu 17

     Marginea - Black Potery Centre

     APT Bucovina Information Centre

Folk Festival
January/February - Festival of Winter traditions in Radauti,VatraDornei,Paltinoasa
Mai - Celebration of the ethnic minorities, in various communitiesJune-Suceava Parish fair
- Bloom Celebration, Arbore
- National Folk Festival, Nasaud
July - Folklore Festival in Radauti, Falticeni
- Fir Tap Song Celebration, Dorna Arini
- Festival „Humor in Gura Humorului”, Gura Humorului
August - Craftsmen’s fair, Suceava
- „Arcanul” - International Folk Art Festival, Radauti
- „Arcanul” Festival , Fundu Moldovei
- Dance at Prislop, Prislop
- Art Festival, Sangeorz Bai
September - Annual Fair of Folk Art and Handcrafts
- Festival of Folk Traditions
- Festival of Folk Music and Dance in Vama, Vama
November - Music Festival, Moldovita
December - Christmas and New Year’s Parades in Vatra Dornei, Suceava

Festival in Bucovina

Life in Bucovina is marked by a series of events, holidays and estivals that repeat themselves each year. These old traditions are well conserved in this part of Romania.

There are many occasions to celebrate; first of all there are important religious holidays, Christmas, Easter and the feast days of the major saints; then, there are several ethno-folkloric festivals, usually  related to the cyclic agrarian rituals; to these could be added the numerous other cultural manifestations and fairs.


- Păltinoasa - A Time for Evening Sittings (Vremea Şezătorilor). A festival of folk

music. Originally, Evening Sittings is a reunion in a peasant house, a combination of a sewing circle and an occasion to sing, dance, recite poems, or make jokes.


- Last week, Fundu Moldovei - “The Annunciation” Religious Music Festival.

- Vatra Moldoviţei - Flowers from Bucovina.

- Cornu Luncii - Peasants’ Dance,a local festival of folk dance and music.


- Rădăuţi - Rock Music Festival.

- First days, Marginea - Black Pottery Fair, a fair of the typical

black pottery made in the village.

- Dărmăneşti - Minorities Festival, a festival of Bucovina’s ethnic

minorities, the Armenians, Poles and Ukrainians.

- Gura Humorului - National Festival of Caricatures and Epigrams “Humour at Gura Humorului”


- The first half, Straja - Festival of Traditional Wedding Customs.

- Sadova - Gathering of Sheep. The sheep are gathered together at the sheepfold, and the sheep that gives the most milk receives a prize. A

cheese called “caş” is prepared from the milk of the whole flock.

- Horodnic - Festival of Folk Music Instruments “Silvestru Lungoci”

- Putna Monastery - A special service connected with the end of the fasting period.

- First days, Horodnic - Traditional, a festival of folk dances.

- Bâlca - Old People’s. Old people perform traditional songs and dances.

- Baia - Symposium “Baia - Historical Moments” (Simpozionul “Baia - File de istorie”) A yearly symposium on important moments of history. 

Celebrating Easter. 


- Suceava - Classical music competition “Ciprian Porumbescu”

- Rădăuţi - Pottery Fair “The Eye of the Peacock” .

- Fălticeni - The Evening Sitting - happening of folk dance and music.

- Câmpulung Moldovenesc - International Festival of Folklore Bucovinean Meetings


Hora is the traditional Romanian ring dance. 


- Suceava - Pottery Fair August, Suceava - Old Customs, a presentation of old customs and traditions.

Rădăuţi - International Folk Festival “Arcanul”, a festival of folklore. The arcan is the symbol of the 19th century compulsory military service. The forced conscription of a young man was a tragedy for the entire family.

- Fundu Moldovei - Celebrating “Arcanul”, festival of folklore.

- First week, Suceava - National Dance Festival “Hora de la Prislop”. Hora is the traditional Romanian ring dance.

- Bâlca - The Celebration of the Virgin Mary

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Oferte speciale Hostel Lary

August only!!!

Book 4 consecutive nights, and get the 4th night for FREE! To take advantage of this offer, please book 4 nights and ignore the "pay on arrival" price displayed online. The free night will be deducted when you arrive.



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Localitate: Suceava

Judeţul: Suceava

Persoana de contact: Larisa

Telefon: 0040747086329

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Adresa: strada Aurel Vlaicu, Nr 195

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